Medinet Integrates Seamlessly With Your Clinic Software

Medinet's Free Provider Package includes everything your practice needs to manage your bookings and appointments online and offers a seamless integration package that works with your current clinic software and management system.

Integrating Medinet as part of your clinic software means you can customise your booking system, allowing your online profile to include time saving information for patients and practice staff.

Include things like doctor specialisations, allowable appointment types and doctor access - Medinet can ensure that only existing patients have access to particular doctors to help you manage your patient pool.

With Medinet's online booking software, patients can enjoy access to your appointment bookings 24/7 which will help free up your practice reception staff. Medinet will even send out email and mobile notifications to help reduce your 'no-shows'.

When your practice opens each morning, your current clinic software will have updated with the day's patient listings ready to go, freeing up your reception staff to provide the kind of quality patient care your patients deserve.

Medinet seamlessly synchronises appointments and booking information with your clinic and practice management software. You can expect compatibility with leading platforms like: Pracsoft and Best Practice.

Joining the Medinet online network also means optimal exposure for your doctors and practice. The Medinet team will work to ensure that your website ranking is as high as possible through using their SEO technology, meaning your practice receives the best visibility for potential patients.

Since Medinet has started servicing patients and practices, results have shown that after just three months following installation with your clinic software, 30% of all practice bookings originate from the Medinet system.

Provider Package

  • Integration with practice management software
  • Self customisation of profile
  • Upload photos
  • Update details
  • Include doctor specialisations
  • Customise appointment types
  • Customise access to doctors

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