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Hillsong CityCare Health Centre
Unit 10a, Building B
40-44 Brookhollow Avenue
Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153

(02) 8846 4663

Practice Notice

Standard consultations for the GP will go for approximately 15minutes and you will be able to discuss 1-2 issues only. The following appointments may require more time and therefore will not be available for booking online. *Appointments to discuss more than 2 issues *Appointments for new patients *Skin Checks * Pap Smears *Forms/Paperwork of any kind *Procedures *Excisions *Vaccinations *Immunisations for children .Only one patient can be seen per standard consultation. Please book separate appointments for each family member. . New patients are unable to use the online booking service, please call for an appointment. . To book with Sharon Pitman please use the booking system. . If you are a new client please call for an appointment. . To book with one of our psychologists, please call for an appointment.