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Myhealth Medical Centre - Leichhardt
Shop 55, 100/122-138 corner Marion and, Flood St,
Leichhardt, NSW 2040

Practice Notice


For vaccination appointments you MUST call (02 9560 2525) to book, online bookings will NOT be accepted. Thank you.


We would like to inform you that from Jan 27th 2021, there will be a $30 gap on consultations (including telehealth)if you are aged 18-59 and you DON'T have a health care card or pension card. This does not include appointments for COVID vaccines.

The following patients will continue to be bulk-billed to Medicare with no gap fee:

* Patients aged under 18
* Patients aged 60 or over
* Patients with health care or pension cards
* Appointments for COVID vaccines

We are very committed to providing high quality care to our patients and community and making this as accessible as possible. The reason for the introduction of a gap fee for some patients is the rising costs of running a general practice and the reluctance of the government in funding these higher costs.

Online appointments should be made from our website. Please click on this link or go to and click on Book