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Myhealth Wellington Point
687-689 Old Cleveland Road East
Wellington Point, QLD 4160

Practice Notice


Please book with the doctor named COVID Pfizer, NOT with our regular GPs.

You MUST fall into one of the following categories to be eligible for a Pfizer vaccine at this clinic.

You MUST also have a Medicare card.

  • Are you aged 16-59 years?
  • Are you aged 12-15 years and on the NDIS and/or are you living with significant disability?

If you have answered yes, please book with the doctor named COVID Pfizer, NOT with our regular GPs.

Please note that due to high demand you will need to look for available spots in October/November.

If you have answered 'No' to the above questions you are NOT eligible for a Pfizer vaccination at this clinic.

All medical exemptions must be discussed with one of our GPs prior to making a booking for a Pfizer vaccine.

If you are a new patient, please arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment to complete paperwork.


If you require to book immunisations, longer appointments or care plan etc. please contact our reception team by phoning: (07) 3334 8388.

Bulk billed consultations are at the discretion of your GP.

Bulk billing is available for Centre health care card holders, pensioner and children under 16.


  • Dr Genevieve Keane is not accepting new patients.
  • Dr Giselle Cramond is not taking new patients.
  • Long appointments, care plans and vaccinations CANNOT BE BOOKED ONLINE.

Non attendance policy

If you cannot attend your appointment please phone to cancel so we can offer it to another patient.

If you fail to attend 2 appointments within a 12 month period a fee will be incurred for a 3rd missed appointment.

This fee is payable before another appointment can be made.

Online appointments should be made from our website. Please click on this link or go to and click on Book