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Norwest General Practice
Suite 5/1 Celebration Drive
Bella Vista, NSW 2153

(02) 8824 4716

Practice Notice

Standard Consultations will go for approximately 10 minutes and you will be able to discuss 1-2 issues only

The following appointments may require more time and therefore will NOT be available for booking online

  • Appointments to discuss more than 2 issues.
  • Appointments for new patients.
  • Childhood Immunisations.
  • Yellow Fever vaccines.
  • Skin Checks.
  • Pap Smears.
  • Forms/Paperwork- Centrelink, RTA etc.
  • Procedures.
  • Excisions.
  • Implanon insertions and removal.
  • Any WorkCover related issues-including certificates, case conference etc.
  • Insurance Medical.
  • Pre-employment Medicals.
  • Health Assessments.

Only 1 patient can be seen per standard consultation. Please book separate appointments for each family member

New patients are unable to use the online booking system. Please call for an appointment

Please cancel any appointment that you can not attend, either online or by phone. Two non-attendances will cause future online bookings to be blocked

If appointments are booked outside these guidelines patients may be required to reschedule

If your appointment falls into the categories above please call our reception team to make your appointment


Norwest General Practice has relocated to

5/1 Celebration Drive

Bella Vista