Free Medical Practice Management Software Extension That Works With Your Existing PMS

As a member of Medinet you can expect no hidden fees or subscription costs. Your practice is eligible for all of the Medinet network benefits with our free medical practice management software extension when you undertake the Provider Package.

With our free Provider Package you can expect to enjoy features like:

Online Access 24/7

  • Patients and practice staff have online and hassle free access to your appointment book
  • You can restrict patient pools for specific physicians ensuring only existing patients are able to schedule appointment bookings
  • Appointment reminders are sent automatically to help reduce your practice's 'no-shows'
  • Patient profile details include the first four digits of their Medicare number to eliminate duplicate records and keep your practice running quickly and efficiently

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Medinet's dedicated team works hard to ensure your practice website ranks as high as possible on search engines like Google, giving your practice free and current visibility to both existing and potential patients

Medinet's online appointment scheduling software reliably integrates with leading medical practice management software platforms ensuring your appointments are current and your staff can direct patients with minimal fuss and interruption.

Welcome all the potential cost savings and benefits of a free medical practice management software extension as a member of the Medinet network.

Your practice will save on advertising, conserve resources and increase its accessibility and convenience to your existing patient pool, as well as reach a whole new community of online patients looking for you.

Provider Package

  • Integration with practice management software
  • Self customisation of profile
  • Upload photos
  • Update details
  • Include doctor specialisations
  • Customise appointment types
  • Customise access to doctors

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